Expedited Shipping

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Expedited shipping is a form of shipping that is fast-tracked. It is usually offered as an option for customers who are purchasing from e-commerce retailers. As these goods are given priority, they will arrive quicker than regular shipping.

To reduce the transit time, trucks carrying these goods usually do not stop along the way and will have 2 drivers working in shifts. Thus, the goods are transported directly from the pick-up point to their destination.


  • By opting for expedited shipping, goods will arrive more quickly as they are given priority.
  • While expedited shipping costs more than standard shipping, the benefits include shipment tracking, a reduction in touch points and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Expedited shipping and priority shipping may or may not mean the same thing depending on the shipping company. It is imperative to read through the delivery terms and conditions to determine the difference.
  • Benefits of Expedited Shipping

    While expedited shipping tends to cost more than standard shipping, here are some reasons why it is the preferred choice among some companies and individuals: 

    Tracking of shipments

    Tracking services are often extended to expedited shipping orders. In addition, most of these tracking services notify customers of the status of their shipments such as when a parcel has arrived or left a shipment centre and its approximate arrival time. This allows customers to monitor the status of their shipments and better plan their time. 

    Furthermore, with these tracking services, companies can ensure that the packages successfully reach their customers.

    Reduce touch points

    Touch points are points in which a parcel is picked up or moved about. For example, when a parcel is being loaded onto a truck from a shipping centre, it is a touch point. 

    When a company opts for expedited shipping, there are fewer touch points as the parcel is transported directly to its destination from the shipping centre. It increases the chances that the goods will safely arrive at their destination. This is one of the reasons why some companies choose to ship fragile items via expedited shipping. 

    Increase customer satisfaction

    Expedited shipping can help to increase customer satisfaction as customers can check on the status of their shipments. In addition, the promise of faster delivery tends to lower shopping cart abandonment.

    Expedited vs Standard Shipping

    Here are the 2 main differences between expedited and standard shipping: 


    Expedited shipping ensures that the parcel will be delivered more quickly as compared to standard shipping. However, the delivery timeframe for expedited shipping differs between companies. It can range from 2 to 3 days to even same-day delivery, though the latter is only possible if the item is already available in the warehouse of the delivery partner. 

    Standard shipping typically takes 5 to 7 days.


    Expedited shipping is more expensive than standard delivery and the cost varies from company to company.

    Expedited vs Priority Shipping

    Depending on the company, the terms ‘expedited shipping’ and ‘priority shipping’ may be used interchangeably. However, some companies may provide both options. In such cases, goods delivered via expedited shipping tend to arrive quicker than priority shipping, followed by normal shipping.

    It is important to read through a company’s delivery terms and conditions before making your purchase. It can help you understand the options better and decide which delivery option suits your needs. If information is not provided online, it is recommended to contact the company to clarify.

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